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Life challenges us in many different ways but there is no need to feel alone in difficult times. It’s always good to talk to a sympathetic friend. And there’s no shame in asking for more lasting help because we all need it from time to time in life! This is especially true when you are caring for someone who depends on your help day after day. If you are the primary caregiver for example to an elderly parent, for a child with special needs, or for an incapacitated friend or family member, then Counselling for Carers has something to offer you.

Counselling has been shown to be enormously beneficial to both carers and their families. There are occasions when we all need time for ourselves, to sort out frustrations, worries and depression. Taking time out to talk about your feelings and needs may seem selfish but it helps to share responsibility and to see problems in a different light. Counselling for Carers can provide a refuge to recharge emotional batteries and gain insight into challenges. Regular personal therapy sessions (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) will give you the time and space to speak about yourself in complete confidence, and to develop coping methods to help with your situation. You will find more information and regular posts on Facebook under Counselling for Carers.

If you are being affected by issues connected to your role as a carer or as a person being cared for, perhaps you should consider counselling. Please feel free to contact me to see if I can help. I am an experienced and fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist accredited to the IACP. I work in Greystones and in Wicklow with clients from surrounding areas and I use integrated counselling methods with my clients. Sessions are based on recognised approaches (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, and psychodynamics) according to each person’s needs.


If you think talking to a therapist might help you, please get in touch with me and arrange to discuss these issues further. If Co.Wicklow is not convenient for you, the IACP website will also provide a list of qualified counsellors in your area.

Clare O'Nolan

Mobile: 086 107 2504


My concern for the mental health of those who struggle with life, especially when caring for others, comes from an awareness of the enormous need in this area of counselling. Although I originally trained as a Zoologist (BSc Honours, DPhil) and later as an English language teacher (BA, Trinity Diploma in TESL), I have a Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (Zestlife College, Dublin), and I am an experienced and Accredited Member of the IACP. In addition to a general counselling practice and Counselling for Carers which I run in Greystones and Wicklow, I work for Living Life Counselling Services in Arklow.